Gorillas are beautiful, resilient animals. But poaching and habitat destruction have pushed their populations to the brink of extinction in recent decades.

Our brave founder, Dian Fossey, knew that gorillas would need our help to survive. Today, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is dedicated to continuing and expanding Dian’s work. We protect gorillas and their forests every day, while also helping the people who live near them. Click here to give today.

Dian Fossey:

A Conservation Pioneer

Dian Fossey’s work to study and protect the lives of the wild gorillas in Rwanda touched the hearts of people around the world. Her focus, courage and passion have inspired many conservationists who have followed since. And her legacy lives on today, in the gorilla protection, science, education and people programs of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

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He's a gorilla in the mist. 🦍 ☁️

Silverback Ubwuzu from Pablo's group turns 18 today! Here he is, peacefully resting.

Happy Birthday, Ubwuzu! 🎉

📹 Video: Jonas Anthony

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Meet Taraja! 🤗

🔸 She is a 24-year-old female gorilla who is currently a member of Segasira’s group.
🔸 Taraja is a very special gorilla as she has overcome incredible challenges throughout her life.
🔸 She was born on June 1, 1999, into Beetsme’s group to mom Fuddle and dad “Gorilla King” Titus, and at the young age of 3, faced her first major challenge – the loss of her mother.

You can adopt Taraja. 🦍

Symbolic adoptions at the Fossey Fund help to support the mountain gorillas we protect in Rwanda. Learn more at the link in our bio! 📲

📹 Video 1: Olivier Dusenge
📹 Videos 2 & 3: Annick Mushonganono

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Today, we invite you to look into the eyes of silverback Ishavu.

Can you see what we see?

Here’s what we mean:

We can learn so much from our gorilla cousins. How they live, interact and express emotions. They are so much like us.

While we work to protect mountain gorillas and Grauer’s gorillas in the forests of Rwanda and the DR Congo, conservation has never been more critical than it is today. Conservation of these magnificent creatures is so incredibly worthy in and of itself. 💛

However — the truth of the matter is…

🔸 When we protect gorillas, they help to naturally conserve their forest homes.
🔸 When forests - the lungs of the planet - are conserved, our world can begin to heal.
🔸 Not to mention, when we work with surrounding communities, citizen conservationists and professional researchers, we can come up with sustainable solutions for people, gorillas and the surrounding environment.

Look into Ishavu’s eyes today.

He needs us.
His species needs us.
Gorillas need us.
The world needs us. 🌍

It’s your last chance to donate for #GivingTuesday and receive a 2x match (up to $25K). 💛

Will you help us save gorillas today?

➡️ Donate now - link in bio.

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Mafunzo doesn't even seem to mind. Or notice. At all. 🤣 😂 🤭

In this video from the Fossey Fund vault, watch Suraurwanda and Igitego play on the back of silverback gorilla Mafunzo!

📹 Video: Jean de Dieu Tuyizere

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Check out this lovely family portrait! 🖼️

In this photo, mother Gwira and son Ubusugire (appear to) pose for the camera. 😍

📸 Photo: James Munyawera

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So much care. 💛

Pato, one of the two silverbacks in the Titus group, emphasized the crucial role of a silverback in ensuring the family's protection and the safety of all its members.
This was observed after a fight arose between Kurudi and mother Agaseke, who has a 3-week-old baby.

It was profoundly touching to witness Pato's concern as he carefully inspected this little baby in Agaseke's arms, ensuring the young baby was unharmed and in good health. 🦍

📹 Video: Bertrand Mahirwe

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He's an *almost* 1-year-old! 😍

Meet Uburinganire from Musilikale's group! He shares a birthday with Dian Fossey: January 16. 🎉 🎂

📸 Photo: J.P.Samedi Mucyo

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🦍 Use code BlackFriday23 to get 10% off all adoptions! 🦍

If you've been considering adopting a gorilla with the Fossey Fund, now's the time! 💛

Symbolic adoptions bring you into the life of a mountain gorilla. Your adoption contributes to their care and protection in the wild, while you receive regular updates on them! ✨

Adoptions also make great gifts! If you've been struggling to find unique holiday presents for your loved ones, consider gifting an adoption. 🎁 💝

💛 When you adopt a gorilla, you or your gift recipient will receive (via email):

➡️ A ready-to-display digital adoption certificate with a full-color photo of your new gorilla family member.
➡️ A profile with beautiful images of your gorilla along with detailed information from the field and twice-yearly updates.
➡️ A digital subscription to the Gorilla Journal, the Fossey Fund’s quarterly newsletter.
➡️ A special video and downloadable image of your new gorilla family member.

Adopt today - link in bio! 😃
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Conservation works best when it is a community effort. ✨

Learn more about our Girls in Conservation program in this article by Bertrand Mahirwe -- link in bio!

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Uh oh! 😓😅

Silverback Itorero's chest beating caught female Ubufatanye off guard and she got a *little* bit scared. Who wouldn't, right? 🙃

📹 Video: J.P. Samedi Mucyo

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