Gorillas are beautiful, resilient animals. But poaching and habitat destruction have pushed their populations to the brink of extinction in recent decades.

Our brave founder, Dian Fossey, knew that gorillas would need human help to survive. Today, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is dedicated to continuing Dian’s work – protecting gorillas while helping and educating the people who live near them.

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Dian Fossey:

A Conservation Pioneer

Dian Fossey’s work to study and protect the lives of the wild gorillas in Rwanda touched the hearts of people around the world. Her focus, courage and passion have inspired many conservationists who have followed since. And her legacy lives on today, in the gorilla protection, science, education and people programs of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

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Footage like this gets captured once every 10 years! Here we have Musilikale’s group, made up of 24 gorillas, interacting with Susa’s group, made up of 21 gorillas. There were 45 gorillas all in one place! Thankfully the interaction ended with no consequences and even some of the juveniles were playing together! Amazing!! #mountaingorillas #nature #conservation

📸: Eric Ndayishimiye

Sometimes a gorilla group plans on making their trek for the day…and then sometimes the little ones decide it’s playtime! #mountaingorillas #nature #conservation 

📸: Veronica Vecellio

Didn’t get a chance to get celebrate yesterday for World Gorilla Day? We understand, Saturdays are great rest days 😆 That’s why today we are giving you one more chance to help us celebrate! 🎉 Follow the link in our bio and help us save a species! 🦍 ...

There are only a few more hours left in World Gorilla Day! 💛🦍 It’s not too late to get involved and help save a species! Celebrate 55 years of saving #gorillas and helping people! Follow the link in our bio to get involved today. ...

Today is World Gorilla Day and our birthday! 🎉🦍 Fifty-five years ago today, Dian pitched two tents on the side of a mountain in Rwanda and founded the Karisoke Research Center, starting the longest-running gorilla conservation and research program in the world. Fifty-five years later we are still continuing her legacy. Celebrate this important day with us! 🤗 Here’s how.
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However you chose to celebrate with us, thank you! 👉 Follow the link in our bio to get involved today.

Ubusugire, who will be 1 this December, wants to show off his chest beating that he’s been practicing! Keep it up, little dude! 🥰 #mountaingorillas #nature #conservation

📸: Veronica Vecellio

🚨Tomorrow we celebrate 55 years of saving gorillas!! Time is running out 😲to reach our goal of 55K for 55 years of saving gorillas and helping people. Will you join the fight to help #saveaspecies this World Gorilla Day? Head to the link in our bio to get involved. 🦍💛 ...

Well deserved nap time for Kureba’s group in the sun after a heavy rainfall! As you can see the adults are trying to rest, but the young ones are ready to play! #mountaingorillas #nature #conservation
📸: James Munyawera

🚨NEW BABY NAME🚨 Last but certainly not least, an infant in Mutobo’s group received his name at the Kwita Izina ceremony on September 2nd. Indatezuke, meaning resilient, was given the name to highlight the resilience of the Rwandan people and the protection of the country’s biodiversity. She is the only infant of mother Igitangaza but there are a few infants in Mutobo’s group that she can grow up with and play with. 😆 #mountaingorillas #nature #conservation 

📸: Cedric Ujeneza

🚨3. MORE. DAYS🚨 We only have 3 days left until World Gorilla Day! 🤯 That means in 3 days we will be celebrating 55 years of saving #gorillas! Are you helping save gorillas this #WorldGorillaDay? Follow the link in our bio to help save a species! ...

🚨NEW BABY NAME🚨 The youngest infant in Kureba’s group has also been named at this year’s #KwitaIzina ceremony that took place on September 2nd. Imbaduko, meaning vivacity, is the second infant born of mother Akamaro and has a four-year-old brother, Karame. Imbaduko’s name celebrates the commitment of the Rwandan people to the protection of mountain gorillas. #mountaingorillas #nature #conservation

📸: Cedric Ujeneza

🚨NEW BABY NAME🚨 The youngest member of the historic Pablo group was named at this year’s #KwitaIzina ceremony. Ubusugire, meaning integrity, is the first infant of mother Gwira and his new name celebrates the efforts of communities and conservationists to protect the biodiverse integrity of Rwanda’s national parks. #conservation #mountaingorillas #nature

📸: Cedric Ujeneza

It’s almost time for bamboo season! Bamboo is one of the gorillas favorite foods to snack on. Since bamboo grows in lower altitudes of the park, it brings the gorilla groups back down the mountain and our trackers and researchers are right behind them collecting data about the plant’s dynamics! #mountaingorillas #nature #conservation #bamboo

📸: Cedric Ujeneza

World Gorilla Day is only 5 DAYS away! That means in 5 days we will be celebrating 55 years of saving #gorillas and helping people! There is still time left to help #saveaspecies and when you give or raise funds, you can earn some cool gorilla gear 😎 Head to the link in our bio to help save a species this #WorldGorillaDay ...

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