Every day we protect gorilla families, study how they live, and teach future scientists and local communities to do the same. Because after 50 years, we know that only an integrated, sustainable model of conservation can save a species, and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep wild gorillas safe for generations to come.

That’s why we’re launching a NEW pilot bamboo program aimed at improving the livelihoods of people and gorillas in Rwanda.


Bamboo is an important resources for people living in the communities around Volcanoes National Park–they use it to build their homes, to grow their crops, and as a source of income. This means people venture into the forest to cut bamboo, which puts extra strain on the gorillas and their habitat.


With a focus on entrepreneurial and project management skills, our new pilot program will teach participants how to plant bamboo nurseries outside of the forest, and how to transform the mature bamboo into marketable products.


Increasing bamboo growth outside of the park will provide surrounding communities with a sustainable source of income, thereby reducing human reliance on the forest for survival and keeping gorillas and other wildlife safe.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and versatile crops on the planet. The hope is that our initiative will be a model that can be replicated in communities all around Volcanoes National Park and beyond.

Friends like you empower us to help people and save gorillas every single day, and we have an immediate need to raise $20,000 by April 26 to launch this transformative project before bamboo planting season ends in late May!

That’s only 400 gifts of $50*…


*Donors making a gift of $50 or more will receive a pair of newly designed bamboo bookmarks!

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