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Becoming a Karisoke Tracker

April 2007 Becoming a Karisoke Tracker Last year we observed an unusually high number of events and activities among the mountain gorilla groups that we

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Silverback Umurava Dies

March 2007 Umurava At the end of February, Umurava, one of the subordinate silverbacks of Pablo’s group died, after a series of adventures. Pablo’s group

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Gorilla Infants

Watching Bishushwe

February 2007 Watching Bishushwe: From One Group to Another Bishushwe, a 21-year-old adult female mountain gorilla, recently left Pablo’s group, one of the mountain gorilla

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Dian Fossey Fund


November 2006 Maggie On Oct. 9, 2006, Maggie, a member of Pablo’s group, gave birth to her fourth offspring. Sadly, exactly one month after his

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