Anti-poaching Camp Attacked, Patrol Member Esdras Nsengiyumva Killed

December 3, 2012

Anti-poaching Camp Attacked, Patrol Member Esdras Nsengiyumva Killed

Anti-poaching team at the camp in SeptemberThe Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is deeply saddened to report that one of its anti-poaching camps in Rwanda, near Volcanoes National Park, was attacked in the early morning of Dec. 2, 2012 by the DR Congo-based FDLR (according to Rwandan officials), and a member of our anti-poaching team – Esdras Nsengiyumva – was killed by gunfire. The other rangers escaped and one suffered injuries due to a fall while getting away. Various equipment, such as food, radios and camping gear were stolen, and larger items were damaged or destroyed, such as solar panels and a water tank. We are assisting Nsengiyumva’s family, and we are determined to rebuild the camp and continue with our important work protecting the mountain gorillas. For full story click here.

A Tribute to Esdras Nsengiyumva

The Fossey Fund is deeply saddened to have to add the name of Esdras Nsengiyumva to the list of those who have lost their lives while trying to protect the endangered mountain gorillas, a list that includes Dian Fossey herself. Esdras Nsengiyumva began working with the Fossey Fund in March 2009 as a tracker for Titus’ group. His very high score on the recruitment exam proved to be a good indicator of the dedicated and talented tracker he would become. He later joined Isabukuru’s team until January 2012, when he began working with our anti-poaching team. For details click here.

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