Fossey Staff Present Papers at International Primate Conference

September 2004
Fossey Staff Present at Primate Conference

Many of our scientists and researchers gave presentations at the International Primatological Society Conference in Turin, Italy, in August. Dr. Dieter Steklis, our chief scientist, presented the results of the tourism impact study that has been underway for some time, documenting the effects of tourism on the gorillas. Dr. Tara Stoinski, our director of research and education partnerships, presented early results from the ongoing study of social dynamics and mating strategies in male mountain gorillas.
Research assistant Carla Venturoli spoke on female gorilla sexual behavior during pregnancy, and education coordinator Serge-Joram Nsengimana presented a paper on Karisoke's role in biodiversity education and mountain gorilla conservation.
In addition, our vice president of Africa programs, Dr. Patrick Mehlman, and our Conservation Action Program director, Dr. Alecia Lilly, spoke about several aspects of their work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, including redefining the geographical distribution of the eastern lowland gorilla and civic responsibility programs for international conservation organizations.