Gushimira’s group travels back from Congo

March 25, 2015

Gushimira's group travels back from Congo

The small group of mountain gorillas led by silverback Gushimira was formed in 2013 but has moved in and out of our monitoring range throughout much of its history. This happens when they cross the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where our Rwandan trackers cannot follow. The group stayed in Congo for much of 2014 but was spotted by our trackers back in Rwanda in January, with only three members (Gushimira, female Kanama and her infant).

Gorilla group GushimiraOn March 16, the group returned again to Rwanda so we have resumed our tracking of them. During an interaction with Ntambara’s group that same day, females Kunga and Kurinda transferred to Gushimira’s group. The interaction was not seen, but the group has been followed every day since March 19. Now, the group has three adult females — Kanama, Kunga and Kurinda — as well as the infant.