Is Your Halloween Candy Safe for. . . Orangutans?

October 24, 2011

Is Your Halloween Candy Safe for…Orangutans?

No, we aren't worried that you will hand a trick-or-treating orangutan an unhealthy snack. We just want you to be sure to choose candy that's made by companies that participate in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). This is an international organization that works to develop sustainable ways to produce this popular ingredient found in candy, cookies, cosmetics, and lots of other products.

Orangutans are suffering greatly from habitat loss as land is cleared for palm oil production, at the rate of 300 football fields per hour. Unsustainably produced palm oil is driving orangutans rapidly towards extinction, but developing sustainable palm oil production methods can help slow this process. Companies that cultivate palm oil in a sustainable way plant on degraded farmland instead of rainforest land, avoiding logging and uncontrolled burning. These growers make a commitment to produce palm ail in a way that minimizes its impact on wildlife, indigenous people, and the planet.

For a list of companies that are members of the RSPO and are committed to using certified sustainable palm oil: http://www.cmzoo.org/docs/halloweenGuide2011.pdf

Please do your part to help orangutans by supporting candy companies that are trying to help make a difference!