Update on Gushimira’s group

August 25, 2015

Update on Gushimira's group

After the death of silverback group leader Gushimira yesterday, formerly lone silverback Giraneza today was still with the same three females he was with yesterday (Pasika, Iterambere, and Inziza). His actions, such as charging and grunting when our trackers approached, indicated he was nervous.

Dispersed members of Gushimira's groupAs for the other members of Gushimira's group (who were not seen yesterday), our trackers have located them but their situation is still quite uncertain. One of the females (Kunga) was found in Ntambara's group (where she had lived before joining Gushimira earlier this year). The other two adult females (Kurinda and Kanama), along with the juvenile male (Sabato) and infant (Kwigira) were found on their own, nervous and avoiding our trackers. They were moving in the direction of Ntambara's group, which they could join. But it's also possible they will be found by Giraneza first.

Tomorrow we will have field staff following all the dispersed gorillas, to be prepared for any developments that may occur.